Musician, Vocalist & Poet. Pioneer Cross - Cultural & Interfaith Peacemaker

from the Holy Land.

"Surprise reality until it changes"



USA: In Gratitude for amazing feb/mar Tour!!!! - Looks like we're coming back in Sep/Oct 2015 to USA!!!!

South Africa: Super exited with the new connections & friendships. Had an amazing tour! concerts in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, Rustenburg's Lutheran's Church & Thlolego learning center & eco village, where I lead Sacred music, joy & prayer with the Lemba Youth & elders for the "crossing of the red sea" Passover Liberation week - Looks like we're Back in April 2016!

Israel : The Human Project new Trio!!!  

Gabriel : Lead vocals , guitar & spoken word 

Izzik Gan: guitar, oud & Charango 

Marcelo Zuber: flutes, sax & vocals

Great Conversation with Richard Whittaker - west coast editor of Parabola - Berkeley, CA  - feb 2015




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    The Human Project
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    Sulha's Private Audience with HH Dalai lama
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