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  • ״ראי שירת האל״ (Rei Shirat Hael - Mirror of the Divine Song)
  • ״ראי שירת האל״ (Rei Shirat Hael - Mirror of the Divine Song)

Musician, Radical Creative, Storyteller, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Sacred Activism & Keynote - Speaker 

"Surprise Reality until it Changes"

Gabriel opens hearts and builds cross-cultural bridges even beyond enemy lines through music, humor, and story celebrating Spirit.

Bookings: [email protected]

July 2023

Fri 21: Madrid - PrayerFormance - House Concert 8 pm

My journey due east to India for the 6th annual gathering of "Defend the Sacred" (Global alliance - sacred activism) will take me to Spain, Greece, Israel, Palestine, and Sinai.

If you have access to a budget from a cultural center, a Jewish community, Church, Sufi, Yoga, Earth-centered, or other ….space...... or just want to organize your own private house concert or my Sacred Playshop with your friends and community.

Still some dates available!!! 

Nyc, USA: First week of July.

Ibiza, Spain: July 12 - 17

Barcelona: July 18 - 19

Bookings: [email protected]

Los Angeles: PrayerFormance on the coziest stage ever at my friend (Durian Songbird) and hosts' loft.

Eureka, Ca ( Humboldt County): Artist in Residence for the Beautiful Shabbaton and Shavuot activities at Temple Beth El. In deep gratitude to Rabbi Naomi Steinberg (The Redwood Rabbi)



"Gabriel’s concert ( PrayerFormance") was like a rose opening up slowly. Every story shared by him was a medicine pill that opened my heart and weaved along with the beautiful melodies from different parts of the world. I reflected for many days after the concert on what I heard - so I can definitely state that it is a very powerful concert: art at its full potential! ️"  Nikita Llerena - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

" From the first chords, I was involved in a hypnotizing, contagious, and poetic experience to say the least. Gabriel's "PrayerFormance" is a blend of tango elegance, Manu Chao's energy, Bob Marley's activism, and Jewish essence. His work speaks to everyone's heart." Guigo Rua  - Photographer, Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

 "Sacred Playshop"

"I wasn’t sure what to expect. Gaby takes you on a magnificent celebratory spiritual journey - unlike any other - with song, poetry, and movement. The power of this work is that it is not information to be remembered, but experiential, so that it becomes a part of you.  The effect was profound, providing me with ways to access being in the moment - being present, and ultimately even experiencing the meaning of the oneness of God.  And… if that wasn’t enough, it was a joyful, playful experience. Gaby is a gift, he has a remarkable ability to allow for the essential being to emerge. This is not a one-shot experience. It will stay with you. I have never felt more present and it is the result, not of meditation, but of this extraordinary playshop." Nick Levitin - Photographer, Nyc, USA.  

Sufi community in DF, Mexico

 Tepozlan: with dear brother Odin Ruz and new friend Estusha Greenberg

Bogota, Colombia

 Argentina ( playing with legendary brother: Leon Gieco) 


Favela da Paz, Sao Paolo

Bookings: [email protected]

.... more coming very soon.....

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From Solo to Full Band - House Concerts, Workshops, Keynote Speaker ( Sacred Activism) & School Presentations, Universities, Churches, Jewish Communities, Special Events/Conferences/Gatherings, Cultural Centers, Yoga Studios, Festivals & more. 

Bookings: [email protected]

with Horacio Martinez - New York

"Defend the Sacred" Sacred Activism Gathering & Conference @ Tamera Peace Research Village, Alentejo, Portugal. 

With Indian Master Saranghi player Yusuf Ismail Khan, Iranian dumbek player & Horacio Martinez after concert @ Wesleyan University - Dec 2017

At Ecovilla, Costa Rica 2016

With Gav Mart - Bethlehem Live festival - Bethlehem 2016


With brothers Tiokasin Ghosthorse and Claudhino from Samba Soul  @ Sacred Activism gathering " Defend the Sacred" @Tamera, Portugal - August 2017.

With Akim Funk Buddha & Troupe @ Nyc Dec 2017

Sacred Ceremony @ Canyon de Guadalupe, Mexico - Nov 2017

With Yaron Peer & Daniela Dvash @ Peima Festival - Jerusalem Forest, Israel


An in-depth conversation with Richard Whittaker - west coast editor of Parabola - Berkeley, CA - Feb 2015 http://www.conversations.org/story.php?sid=425

Atlanta, Ga http://atlantajewishtimes.com/2016/10/world-music-artist-gaby-meyer-atlanta-oct-27-28/

L. A: https://jewishjournal.com/news/los_angeles/228359/israeli-troubadour-harmony/