• The Human Project
    The Human Project
  • Gabriel Meyer Halevy - The Human Project - Live Concerts
  • Halelu Hu - Gabriel Meyer Halevy @ Nanuchka from The Human Project W/Chachapuri as special guest
  • Visa Song - Gabriel Meyer Halevy
  • Gabriel Meyer Halevy & Amir Paiss - Amen - Live in NYC w/ very special guests!!!!!!
  • Sulha's Private Audience with HH Dalai lama
    Sulha's Private Audience with HH Dalai lama
  • Solo le Pido a Dios - Gabriel Meyer Halevy - The Human Project

Musician, Peace


from the Holy Land.

"Surprise Reality until it Changes"

Gabriel opens hearts & builds cross - cultural bridges even across enemy lines through music, humor & story.

Celebrate Human Spirit.

Bookings: [email protected]

MediSinai : Sacred Playshop

When: March 30 - April 2

Where: Ras Sinai

A unique adventure at Ras Sinai.
An experiential journey of awakening & healing through song, chant, movement, deep listening & interactive meditations.
We will create a safe, playful & sacred space to inspire courage, flexibility & presence, drawing from the wellsprings of Kabbalah, Sufi & other Sacred Wisdom nectars.

Info & registration: [email protected]

USA: Booking now for end feb/march 2017!

Full Band, House Concerts, Workshops, Keynote speaker & school presentations for Universities, Churches, Jewish communities, cultural centers , yoga studios, festivals & more.

[email protected]


Great Conversation with Richard Whittaker - west coast editor of Parabola - Berkeley, CA - feb 2015 http://www.conversations.org/story.php?sid=425

- Atlanta,Ga http://atlantajewishtimes.com/2016/10/world-music-artist-gaby-meyer-atlanta-oct-27-28/