Ritual Theater Collective (1994 - 2001)

Established in 1994 by Gil Ron Shama and Gabriel Meyer Halevy as a multicultural group of 15 healers, visual artists, musicians (several members of the leading Israeli Shotei Hanevuah & Sheva) lighting & sound artists, designers, architects, clowns, chefs, storytellers, dancers, actors, writers, farmers, gardeners, film & video artists, and teachers including Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

As part of our research travelling/studies, members of Metatron have been involved, individually and collectively in: Chinese martial arts, conflict resolution, Buddhist, Hindu & Taoist meditation practice, African, Aboriginal, Indian, Middle Eastern and tribal music song and dance, Permaculture, Shamanic ritual, Sufi Practices, kabbalistic and Hassidic practice, and  transformative ecological healing gatherings rooted in the Hebrew calendar.

Metatron created, produced, and performed with acclaimed reviews and prizes by the press & jury at Acco International Fringe Theater Festival:

1994: "Enoch: Prince of Presence"

1995: "The Celestial Wedding"

1996: "Messiah Tree"

2001: "Who Guards The Trees" - (also at Bat Yam International Street Theater Festival)

Film: "Enoch - Initiation of An Earthly Angel" (1994), Public Israeli TV, 2001